Boston Scientific – AngioJet® Ultra

Achieving Market Dominance Through Design



Reduce the footprint and increase the maneuverability of this surgical drive system while simplifying the interaction complexity and number of steps required to prepare the system for surgery.


The final design solution reduced the weight and footprint to nearly half their original volume and mass which significantly improved maneuverability and procedural flexibility. By innovating an automated set-up procedure, the interaction workflow was also reduced from 12 steps to three – significantly reducing set up time and the potential for user error.

“Insight’s technical development and interface design changed the competitive landscape for our company. Their work on the Angiojet Ultra provided simplicity of use, an intuitive interface with a drastically reduced number of set-up and operation steps, and a headcount reduction of field service staff. It crushed the market, saved the company, and positioned Angiojet Ultra as the market leader.”
-Shawn McCarrey, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Possis (Now Boston Scientific)



The operating room has been called the most expensive real estate in the world. The first generation system was not only too large for such prime real estate, but featured an interface that was difficult to use.

Our mechanical innovation began with the creation of a structure using low cost aluminum extrusions that housed the computer and pump assemblies. Beyond low capital cost, this structural system also provided thermal convection to draw heat out of the system. We also redesigned the pumping assembly to be fully automated for loading and priming of the pump set, which was key to reducing the number of set-up steps.


In response to the difficult-to-use first generation user interface that required a “help” card be affixed to the front of the unit outlining the appropriate workflow, our interface team developed an icon based sequential interaction architecture that was simple to use and easy to set up.

In the end, The AngioJet® Ultra was widely lauded for its simple and intuitive setup process, lighter weight, and handling improvements. These distinctive features helped Bayer to “crush the competition” and claim the position of category market leader.

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