Which Medical Device Winner

Insight Product Development has won the Which Medical Device 2012 Which Medical Device of the Year Award in Interventional Radiology. Insight was a primary product development partner to MEDRAD for work on the company’s Angiojet® Ultra Thrombectomy System. 

Which Medical Device is a global independent review and information website highlighting current medical devices. The site was developed by clinicians for clinicians. It was launched with the aim of sharing information about medical devices to help clinicians make better decisions and use devices well. whichmedicaldevice.com remains the only site of its kind providing independent, expert opinion and reviews of medical devices . Both contributors and reviewers comply with the ethical standards outlined in Eucomed guidance (www.eucomed.org).

Which Medical Device of the Year aims to showcase devices that clinicians claim have made a significant contribution to patient outcomes and medical procedures. The independent clinician responsible for nominating The Anjiojet® Ultra for this award calls it “a must have device.”

Which Medical Device awardMEDRAD (recently purchased by Bayer) turned to Insight for the user experience design and electromechanical Innovation for the Angiojet® Ultra. The system is used during neurosurgeries to restore blood flow to thrombosed arteries and veins. Hospitals are rapidly turning to the AngioJet® Ultra system for its simple and fast setup process, sleeker design, lighter weight, and handling improvements that make it significantly easier to maneuver than the previous generation product.

Shawn McCarrey, the former Executive VP of Sales and Marketing goes on to say, “When the Angiojet® Ultra hit … it crushed the market and actually saved the company… the primary reason for the success of the product was its simplicity of use. The Ultra was designed to be very intuitive and the number of steps to set it up and operate it was drastically reduced.

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And visit Insight’s Anjiohet®Ultra casestudy page: www.insightpd.wpengine.com/work/bayer-angiojet-ultra/