Insight partners Craig Scherer and Steve McPhilliamy attended the University of Cincinnati’s Live Well Collaborative Dinner and Workshop, a two day event where the university’s College of Design, Architecture, Arts, and Planning faculty, deans, select students and industry representatives came together to discuss design and what the product needs of the aging population will be in the near future. 

The group of about 60 had the opportunity to tour the creative work by the school’s graduating class, which included in-home medical delivery systems and water filtration for third-world countries.

During dinner, Shane Meeker, associate design fellow, Proctor & Gamble, gave a keynote speech where he discussed the importance of brand stories and how brand stories for products and screenplays for movies follow a similar path. In addition to Meeker, a former U of C student presented his IDSA winning concept of exercise equipment for the disabled that has become his own business.

“It is always a good opportunity for us to connect with those in academia, industry and design students who are future coworkers or clients,” said McPhilliamy. “Events like this are educational for us and we were happy to be invited by the board to attend.”.

The day after the dinner, The Macklin Institute hosted a workshop discussing “Extreme Aging” to help identify needs of an aging population.

In addition to Insight, representatives from P&G, Hill-Rom, General Mills, Citigroup, LG participated in the two day event.