Fundamental to Insight Product Development’s engineering approach is an assessment of what questions are to be solved, and the type and scale of any likely applications of novel technology.

For each area of technical risk, we create a plan consisting of analysis, concept development, prototyping and testing. This cycle is iterative and is driven by the overarching goal of driving risk up-stream in the development process and proving core functionality as early as possible.

Ways We Engage

Core Technology Development

Undertaken prior to Design and Development, this type of engagement is focused on developing a robust platform that delivers value across a range of products. This is appropriate when a product solution relies on an enabling technology that is either new to the world, or has never been implemented in the context of the target device.

R&D / Technology Application

Leveraging existing technologies, Insight solves meaningful problems in new and innovative ways. Whether the goal is decreasing system complexity, utilizing technology to deliver on core user needs, or achieving challenging performance specifications, Insight draws on broad and deep experience across industries to architect elegant and robust systems.

Design Remediation

At Insight we are commonly asked to review existing designs that are in process or complete but not performing as intended. By examining each of the functional sub-systems of a device, we can determine the root causes of failures, provide more robust alternative design solutions, and demonstrate their effectiveness in the lab before costly changes are made to the existing design or tooling.​

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