Insight’s extensive history of successful product development allows us to pivot from identifying opportunities to the creation of sound implementation plans for commercialization.

Our approach to design influences every aspect of the user experience and our engineering process provides repeatable,  predictable and quality driven results. From user needs to final specifications, our development process aligns perfectly with those of our clients.

Ways We Engage

Leveraging User-Research

Utilizing research outputs to drive effective design solutions, we deconstruct research opportunities and synthesize them into development frameworks that facilitate appropriate idea generation, achieve stakeholder alignment, and drive successful design through to production.

Creating Optimal User Experiences

We develop concepts that bring opportunities to life as experiences that consider the entire user journey. We leverage the potential for every available touch point to enable experiences that are intuitive and meaningful.

Detailed Design & Commercial Scaling

Providing detailed design under design controls through verification. Our team designs and optimizes electro-mechanical systems to create the backbone of a successful device. While working closely with manufacturing, we rely on expert subsystem development and system integration to ensure design risk is managed prior to industrialization. Insight is ISO 13485:2016 certified.