Supporting Your Device Strategy

The Universe of Pre-filled Syringes and Injection Devices
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Whether you are looking to incorporate a platform strategy or create a novel device, Insight can provide support and experience at every step

Platform Device Support

Selecting appropriate platform devices for specific patient populations and drug characteristics

Customizing a platform device to better meet patient population needs and provide differentiation

Providing human factors engineering planning, formative/summative testing, and HFE report development to support your regulatory strategy

Novel Device Development

Providing advanced R&D of novel delivery platform IP that can be scaled to multiple drug and patient populations

Incorporating user needs research, human factors engineering, and user experience design

Delivering detailed engineering under design control including industrialization support and design verification

Components of an effective Device Strategy

User needs and the patient journey – Utilizing global ethnographic research to better understand users and inform more appropriate device development

Transformative Innovation in Drug Delivery via the Patient Journey

How Needs Characterization Can Fuel Patient Engagement

Connected device strategies – Supporting patient engagement and better outcomes with connected device technologies

Connected Medical Devices and Companion Software

Human factors engineering – Beyond safe and effective – supporting regulatory factors while designing for optimal user experiences

The Value of a Sound Human Factors Plan

How to Characterize and Prioritize User Needs for Effective CombinationProducts and Delivery Systems Innovation

Advanced R&D – Characterizing, innovating, and implementing novel injection platforms that can be scaled to multiple applications

Pushing Combination Product Risk Upstream to Accelerate Time to Market

Developing and Optimizing the Technologies that Drive Innovation

User needs and training – Visit Booth X63 to discuss the Insight – Noble poster, “Understanding User Needs to Guide Development of Injection Trainer Devices”

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About the exhibit:
PDADuring the last decade, PDA’s Universe of Pre-filled Syringes and Injection Devices has become the must-attend meeting for everyone working in the field, and is now the world’s largest conference on this subject. The 14th edition of this event will be held 7-8 November 2017 at the Austria Center in Vienna, Austria.

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