Webinar: Identifying User Needs in Med Tech Product Development

August 4, 2016 Noon to 1:30 PM (Eastern)

The first step in developing a successful new medical product is identifying the needs of those who will purchase and use it. Companies struggle with determining who the customer and user are – patient, physician, nurse, administrator, payer… – and accurately capturing their various needs. As the development process progresses, it is then critical to ensure that the original concept is properly translated into design specifications and the final manufactured product.

This webinar features experts in medical technology user research and product design to discuss key issues, potential pitfalls, and best practices including:

  • Accurately identifying user needs
  • Identifying user needs as a competitive business advantage
  • The role of market research Ethnographic research
  • Human factors and usability Aligning clinical and engineering requirements
  • Translating user needs into product design specifications


Michael Lau, PhD, Director of Human Factors at Insight Product Development

Steve Wilcox, PhD, Principal, Design Science

Organized by MedTECH Intelligence